Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bug's birthday

Yesterday was the big day for little Bug, the pretty princess in our lives. She was four and feeling every bit of it. It's always a great day when family can get together, and even though ours is small, we make it seem like a hundred people. I, of course decorated my living room like a cinderella ball with balloons strewn from the ceiling. Bug walked into the room as we all sang happy birthday. Her eyes were wide and twinkling and a huge smile. She had mushroom pizza, her favorite, and then happy to get to the presents. She got many fun toys and some neat clothes. She got a little electric keyboard, several dolls, tea sets, and mom also gave her a big bags of assorted things such as candy poprocks. We all had to laugh when Bug tried the pop rocks. She ducked her head and put her hand over her mouth. She just wanted to get rid of it, same thing with the big red rose blob from the top of her cake.
It took about 20 minutes to tear through the gifts. Afterward I suggested taking the pups for a walk while Bug rode her bike that pawpaw found for her.
What an ordeal. The big girls had brought their two dogs so all together we had 5 dogs and a child on a bike. None of the dogs know how to behave except Pootie so it was chaotic. It sounded like a big disruptive party at first. Then we calmed down to a stroll,sort of. Bug rode her bike all the way to the end of street and back. She was so proud and did so well. She told her mom, "I need you because I love you." Which almost brought us to tears. Then she took a little tumble to the ground. She cried a little then brushed off her tears and got back on that bike. What a trooper.

This little story will bore the life out of most. I just wanted to make note of a wonderful afternoon on an important birthday for bug. I hope that we have many more just like this one.