Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hi, I know you're thinking that I am about to brag on the fact that I live in Florida and that is why I am writing this blog. But nay. That is not the reason. I just thought the title sounded good and of course a lot of people do think this is paradise. Especially those that don't live here and come for a few days or weeks out of the year. I will agree there are times when it is very paradisesque. As when my husband and i walk the beach together being silly and enjoying the beautiful beaches. When we are hunting for shark teeth under the most beautiful blue sky and find treasures of full shells, bottle glass or yes, teeth. Just sitting at the beach seeing where sky meets ocean is like taking a deep cleansing breath. Those little seagulls are always present with the little sea-sea song that is so familiar. And sometime the dolphins will be playing out there.I will go on about the beach I am sure many times as I continue with this blog because it is so much part of the reason I am here.But, to be fair there are some things that are almost unbearable here. Let me start with the immensely hot hot weather. It is so miserably hot that it almost takes the fun out of summer. Even being near the water on those very hot days is not pleasant.I love to grow flowers. I hesitate to call it gardening because I am not so organized. My back yard is an assortment of things that I have bought, found and dragged from the last place that I lived. Both Steve and I are pack rats so I seem to always be cleaning up the yard. Sometimes I just stack everything and then I might pass the pile that's going to the trash and say huuummm, maybe I could use that. Believe me if you could see some of the junk that I have. But I do try to maintain a few flowers and vines among the yard art.Anyway, back to the hot weather. Forget about having a nice garden unless you have help. A partner that wants to have a garden too. Because that sun is so darned hot that unless you have two people that really want this and can share the load...well trust me, it's really hard. The humidity turns you into something like a hot dog just off the grill, all greasy and hot and panting to draw some oxygen into your lungs. The only time I was gung-ho about working in the yard on a hot day was when I accidentally overdosed on 2 diet pills and was buzzing around like I was an ant on acid. So the heat has to be a big negative feature of Florida living. Oh, I know that it has been hotter than hell all across America these days. But we have this every summer! Another thing is the mosquitoes. Poor Steve cannot even enjoy the outside. This California born and raised man has attracted more mosquitoes than the man that deliberately puts his hand in that mosquito box. I swear he should be tested for that mosquito disease . What is it? Malaria?When we go outside in the yard to maybe get a break from the four walls, we actually bring a box fan out there and turn it on full blast and aim it right at us. This works for two reasons, cools us a little and blows away those pesky mosquitoes, a little.Now, with all that said I will add one more thing tonight. Jacksonville people are totally nuts when it comes to cutting down trees. You would think that they would know that trees are good, right? You would think that they would know that trees clean the air and shade our homes and bodies. Not only that, they are beautiful. They are living things. Some folks here park under their beautiful trees. They cut the wrong limbs, tie wire around the trunk and leave it forever which damages the trees. And sometimes after all that, the tree lives to be beautiful. But don't be too admiring, because chances are some tree butcher will be swinging up the street knocking on doors to help you get rid of that dangerous tree. Hopefully one will visit me soon. I would love to accidentally open my door a little too wide and let my dogs slip out for a teeth baring greeting. oh, sorry!
by Janet Ledesma
9:15:00 PM
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